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How To Lose Weight When You Have A Thyroid Problem


  • Do you have an under active Thyroid?

  • Have you gained lots of weight since you found out you had a thyroid problem?

  • Have you tried lots of different diets to shed the pounds…and failed?

  • Were you slim until your thyroid became under active?

  • Are you fed up of being bloated and uncomfortable all the time?

  • Are you sick of feeling unattractive and not able to fit into your old clothes?

  • Are you ready to hear about the secrets to getting your life and body shape back?


Thyroid disease sufferer shares her secrets to losing weight naturally and forever!



Dear Friends,

If I could turn back time, just one year, to the day I was diagnosed as having a thyroid problem, I wish I knew then what I know now. It would have saved me a lot of heartache and depression and tears. The symptoms of an under active thyroid can be awful but one year on, sitting here today, I know the answers to beating it and losing the weight and getting back to being happy again. That’s why I’ve written this ebook – to share the valuable information and secrets I’ve learned and offer you the answers I wish I had back then. Are you ready to stop your thyroid ruining your life? Are you ready to lose weight? Are you ready to feel energetic again? Then you’ve come to the right place. I have the solution for you right here

ebook How To Lose Weight When You Have A Thyroid Problem


What’s In The E-Book and How It Will Help You.


About 4 million Britons have some form of thyroid disease, and around 1 million may have it and don’t know that they are sufferers. Hypothyroidism, an under active thyroid, tends to afflict more women than men and with one of the main symptoms being weight gain, this alone makes it a depressing disease to live with.


There are already many ebooks out there that advise you how to lose weight, get fit and put some energy back into your life. But they don’t work for thyroid sufferers because they don’t take into account our broken down metabolism. There are even some books that claim to havee magic cures and instant solutions to losing weight overnight.


If that’s what you’re after then this isn’t the book for you. That is not what this ebook is about.


With a thyroid problem, you know that changes are slow to happen. But with a different diet, different supplements and different workout programmes, I’ve discovered a way to get results quickly and sensibly – no faddy diets and no slimming pills!


This book shows you what that diet is and what the workouts are and what supplements worked best.


My promise to you is that EVERYTHING I have written about in this ebook is true, all the results I talk about are GENUINE and my return to health is 100% attributable to the advice I followed that I have published in full in this ebook.


I still take my meds daily and have regular blood tests with my doctor but this book is about the diet, fitness and health plan I devised to address the things the meds weren’t fixing – my weight, my hair loss, my depression, my lack of interest in life.



This book will show you:

  • How to get rid of that newly gained weight and keep it off.
  • What to eat with a simple diet that is easy to follow and works quickly.
  • How to work out with a fitness regime that’s tough on fat and really works
  • A lifestyle guide that helps you feel normal again despite having an under active thyroid.
  • How to live with a thyroid disease without it ruining your life.
  • The BEST kept secret of thyroid sufferers – I’ll tell you the vitamin / supplement to take that makes you feel like your old self again.


" Wow! What an amazing book. I have spent so much money on the internet buying different diet books, but NONE of them talked about how to lose weight when you have a thyroid problem. I read your book from beginning to end and took detailed notes. I'm already using your special Thyroid diet and exercise plan and the fat is finally melting away, but more importantly, I feel energized and happy for the first time in a long time.

Thanks Amina!"

Mary Townsend, Maryland


"First Time I've Been Able to Lose Weight in Years!!!

FINALLY, someone has written a book to help people with thyroid issues lose weight! I felt that this book was tailor made for me (and anyone one else with a thyroid problem trying to lose weight). What makes Amina Razaq’s book so different is her vantage point as a fellow thyroid sufferer who knows the frustrations of trying to get rid of the pounds when you have a thyroid problem. HER METHODS WORK and the book is clear and easy to follow. Print the book out and keep it in your kitchen as a great reference guide; follow it and you will lose the weight. If you have a thyroid problem and want to lose weight THIS IS THE BOOK FOR YOU!"

Suzanne Cheek, USA


Working as a Fitness Professional I meet many people suffering with an under active thyroid and it causes them a lot of distress. They feel frustrated by what's happening to their body and powerless to know what to do about it. Finally, this book has arrived to reassure them they are not alone and that there are plenty of active steps they can take to master their situation. This is an honest account of one person's journey to piece together a complete solution, written in a clear and easy to follow style. I've used the advice here with my clients and they love the fact that they were finally able to get answers to all their questions about what they should eat and how they should exercise. What they loved even more were the results they achieved by following the plan!

Jeff Archer, Director, The Tonic


Why should you believe me? 

Good question. Here’s my story -It won’t take long but you need to be sure that I know what I’m talking about.

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in 2007 and in one year, I gained 37lbs in weight. A lot of weight to me, but some of the stories I read about when researching the issue were even more shocking. Some women gained 55lbs and more. Knowing I wasn’t alone didn’t help me – I just wanted to lose the weight FAST!  


  • My thighs became thunder thighs

  • My stomach was so bloated I looked pregnant a lot of the time!

  • I couldn’t get my trousers to fasten or even come close.

  • I developed cellulite on my arms. I didn’t even know you could get it there.


I tried everything to lose the weight but nothing seemed to work and worse than that, I just kept getting heavier no matter what I tried.


I looked in the mirror and gone was the slim girl I used to be – I was so dumpy and overweight.


It was out of control. I was depressed, hated myself and didn’t know how to cope with this new ‘figure’ I had been dumped with.


Does this sound like you? Read on….


So I started researching the symptoms of thyroid problems, the realities of living with an under active thyroid and the weight gain that comes with it... I became obsessed with reading all the books, magazines, websites and articles I could get my hands. I joined every forum in desperate hope that someone had come up with a solution. Then I started to speak to experts about what more I could be doing apart from taking my meds to help me feel and look better.


After months of research and consultations, I came up with the solution. And it worked.


This diet and fitness programme did what all the others had failed to do. The weight started to come off, the energy levels started to increase, the napping stopped, my hair grew back stronger than before and my old clothes now fit.

This is the ebook I was looking for when I was first diagnosed but couldn’t find. It’s simple, gets straight to the point and will make a big difference to your body and mind GUARANTEED.


The solution didn’t come cheap though.



I paid a lot of money to the best qualified experts I could find but thanks to their advice, knowledge and my own research and testing, I know it was worth every penny. In a few months, I spent over £3500 to find out how to change my situation:


  • Nutritionist £150

  • Personal Trainer £150

  • Acupuncturist £1400

  • Doctor £1800

  • Books & Magazines £75
  • Total: £3575



So How Much Does the eBook Cost?


The question to ask is: how much is it worth to finally start feeling like yourself again and looking like you did before developing a thyroid problem. You could do what I did at the very start and research EVERYTHING out there looking for a solution. Or you could take advantage of all the research and meetings with experts I did and get your answers right here in this no-fuss, easy to read, easy to follow book that WILL get you the results you’re after.


Order your copy of the e-book for just £14.99 


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Here’s a taste of what’s inside

‘How To Lose Weight When You Have A Thyroid Problem’….. 

  • Hair loss and other thyroid disease symptoms – what to look out for.
  • Thyroid weight gain – the shocking truth
  • The early signs of a thyroid problem that you shouldn’t ignore.
  • The foods you need to stop eating now. The foods that slow your thyroid down
  • Why you should stop drinking tap water today
  • The danger lurking in your bathroom cabinet that makes you feel sluggish
  • The Essential Vitamins and Supplements guide
  • The best kept secret supplement
  • The must have foods you should always keep in
  • Best restaurant food for thyroid diet
  • Exercise plans for thyroid weight loss
  • Tips and Tricks to fast Fat Burn  


This just scratches the surface of what's in the book.

The ebook includes everything you need to drop those extra pounds and start feeling the buzz of life again run through your veins.


  • False claims of overnight weight loss
  • Patronising Advice
  • Medical Advice – I’m Not A Doctor, just a woman like you who hates what’s happened to my body.



Try "How To Lose Weight When You Have A Thyroid Problem" and if you don’t feel better, slimmer and fitter after following the programme, you can get a refund up to 8 WEEKS from purchase date.

That’s how confident I am that if you follow what I did, you’ll be as happy as I am now.

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You will receive an automatic, digital download of the ebook as soon as we receive your payment details



P.S. I’ve been where you are now and I know what it feels like. I’m not interested in ripping people off with bad advice – I want you to feel the great results I do.

Amina Razaq